Jones Family Vacation 2009
Our family took a vacation out west in June 2009. We hit a number of observatories, including Kitt Peak.We also hit Lowell, Apache, National Solar Observatory, and Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus. On the way back to Dallas, my wife was counting how many theme parks, aircraft museums, etc...that we had visited. When she got to observatories, she looked at me and asked how I managed to pull off fitting 5 observatories into our 2 week roadtrip. =)

Full 15 day vacation blog can be viewed by clicking here.

h o m e

View from atop Kitt Peak.

View from the road leading up to Kitt Peak.

2 Meter telescope on Kitt Peak.

Family excited about going in to see yet another telescope. =)

At 7000 ft elevation, Kitt Peak was about 20 degrees cooler than Tucson. Since the grounds closed at 4:00pm, we didn't get to see as much as we had hoped, but what we did see was educational and the landscape views were fantastic. My wife's facial expressions says it all...she's thinking "Here we at yet another observatory."

Me at the Apache observatory near the massive rolloff for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey scope.

Lowell's refractor at Lowell Observatory. Didn't know they had Telrads back then. ;-)

Lowell's planetary camera...if only he was around today to see what people are doing with a ToUcam.

Had to throw in this image of our visit to the San Diego Zoo. We can't tell if the jaguar cub wanted to play with our 2 year-old son, or if it saw our son as a plumb juicy morsel.