G A L L E R Y - Elodorado Star Party 2004: Takahashi Takeover

h o m e

The Takahashi Array. In the foreground is Brad's Mewlon 250 and FSQ-106 on his NJP.

More of the array.

Array again.

Jay's FSQ-106 and large SBIG camera on NJP

Vance's FSQ-106 on a GM-8. Vance is asking Santa for a Tak mount.

Jeff's FSQ-106 aboard his NJP

My setup: FS-128 on an NJP. Lotsa Robin Casady gear...I'm his primary funding source for his retirement.

Poor Dave. He just purchased his first Tak (a used Epsilon 130), but it didn't arrive in time for ESP. He's sad. We, however, were glad it didn't arrive...otherwise the weather would not have been so good.