TheSky 6 and Takahashi Temma Setup Tutorial
Setting up TheSky v6 for use with a Takahashi Temma mount
h o m e

Step 1

Go into Telescope >> Setup.

Step 2

Select Temma by Takahashi in the drop-down.

The last checkbox defaults to checked. Uncheck it. Otherwise, you will be restricted from moving the map around freely.

Step 3

To locate the appropriate COM port, try to connect with each port starting with COM1. Remember, the mount must be turned on. For both of my laptops, the baud rate of 9600 sufficed.

Step 4

Connect by clicking Establish.

Step 5

Upon successful connectivity, the Options >> Settings and Status is now enabled. Click to bring up the Settings window.

Step 6

The default correction speeds for RA and DEC are 90%. I usually drop it to 70% for short and medium focal lengths, and 50% for longer focal lengths.

The other important setting in this window is the OTA location of East or West. Use this after you have pointed your telescope at an object for the purpose of synchronizing with TheSky v6. If your telescope is sitting on the East side, then select East. It doesn't matter if your telescope is pointed at the East or West. What matters is which side the telescope is sitting. Click OK, then return and make sure the settings are exactly as you specified.

Step 7

Now you are ready to return to TheSky's star map and sync TheSky with the object your telescope has in view.